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The team at igot2travel are all focused, caring people who love to travel and consistently seek to deliver the best experiences in nature for all of our clients. Every one of them is highly skilled and dedicated to creating and delivering exceptional travel while at the same time maintaining a conscious awareness of any impact we may have on the environment and nature. With a 24/7 on-call support service when out on the road, we put our travellers first to ensure that their whole experience is one of enjoyment from start to finish.To provide this level of service takes expertise and years of commitment to the travel industry. A vital role in all of this is international destination development and logistics. 

Meet The Team

James Macletchie

Owner/ Island specialist ,product development

James has over thirty years experience as a tour guide and nature based tourism specialist and featured in many TV programs including Green TV, Monty Halls Great Hebridean Escape and presented for BBC Alba in the Falkland Islands and in Finnish Lapland. A fully qualified International guide he has spent his years dedicated to providing unique experiences into nature for travellers and small groups.

Some of the many highlights from his varied career was to be chosen as one of the first Eco Travel Ambassadors in the world for the International Eco Tourism Society and the development of small cruise ship programs into the Outer Hebrides which focused on island communities and local based experiences.

His deep love for nature has seen him develop his childhood passion into a successful travel business and forge long lasting business relationships  with other business operators to further enhance the experience of travellers at igot2travel. 

Diane MacLennan

Logistics and International Development

Diane has over forty years’ experience working in the Travel, Cruise and Events Industry, having started her career in South Africa with spells in Greece and Israel before moving to London in the early 1980s.

Amongst the highlights of her vast experience is the creation and management of tours to the Oberammergau festival, and incentive tours taking in Concorde and cruises on the QE2, to the development, management and operation of more intimate small ships cruises around northern European, UK and Irish ports, as well as coach and walking tours within Scandinavia, Iceland, the UK and Ireland.

As well as a passion for travelling and the travel industry, Diane brings a wealth of operational experience which allows us at Igot2travel to take you to destinations others won’t imagine, to experience sights and events like the locals, and to take with you experiences never to be forgotten.

Hildur Ágústsdóttir

Iceland  Expert & Group Adventure Leader


With more than ten years as an Icelandic guide and delivering her unique perspective of Iceland for various American travel companies such as Grand Circle and Vantage Delux World Travel, Hildur is aware of what it is that travellers to Iceland seek to experience.

Over the years she has assisted in the development of unique outdoor adventure programs all around Iceland. Her passion is the great outdoors from hiking into remote areas, visiting offshore islands and of course, the beautiful Icelandic Horse. She loves to narrate the stories of her homeland to travellers and show them the hidden gems of nature on any of her travels.

In joining the team of igot2travel, she brings to our company a deep understanding of everything Iceland from its nature, its culture, economy and environment. She is heavily involved in the development of bespoke adventures across the country and loves nothing more than to be out in the open environment discovering nature.


Honesty & Transparency

We know the value of honesty and transparency when travelling and we will always listen and provide the best advice to all our travellers and ensure we say what we mean and mean what we say.


We know to communicate is vital and we will always do so openly and honestly for all our travellers, ensuring that all of their’ expectations are met to the highest level. We will always keep you informed and make your journey with us as seamless as possible.

Destination Knowledge

Our team has a vast knowledge and we want to share that with you to provide exceptional experiences. Unforgettable trips come from planning and going that extra mile. All of our guides and team are fully committed to providing you with a positive everlasting memory of every destination we travel.

Quality Service

It is important to us that from your first moment you join one of our journeys that you immediately feel a part of the family. All of our adventures are thoroughly researched and evaluated to ensure we consistently deliver quality in every destination,

Passion & Local 

Time and again our guides get praised for their endless passion and enthusiasm for the places they travel. This is down to their exceptional desire to share their love of the places we travel and one of the most rewarding parts of travelling with a local guide.

Instil Confidence

One of the most important aspects of any travel with us is to develop and instil confidence in our travellers. We want you to experience new destinations and go beyond the normal travel encounter. The rewards are immense and we will be with you all the way.


Many of us grew up with the phrase 'reduce, reuse, recycle' in our vocabulary. For our company, we must reflect these same values. With this in mind, we work closely with leading ocean plastic recycling companies to ensure that the flow of plastic into the oceans is reduced and that we at igot2travel become a major part of the solution for the future. With more and more emphasis on the health of the environment and the poor state of our oceans, it is vital as a travel company that we take steps to ensure all our adventures are adhering to our values. 

In choosing igot2travel for your next adventure, you are with a travel company that leads by example and is fully committed to making the world a better place for all and making our oceans once healthier.

Empowering Local Communities

We believe that by working closely with local service providers in each of the destinations that the long term benefits of tourism will significantly enhance these communities while protecting these environments at the same time. Through long-standing partnerships, we have developed an understanding of remote destinations and in turn, assisted with an increase in income opportunities which in turn help the local economy and community.

Through regular interaction with local people and their cultural heritage, we are participating in the long term preservation of local customs and assisting in the long term sustainability of these regions through low impact tourism. As a traveller on our adventure, you are contributing to a positive future in each of these unique places

 IGOT2TRAVEL LIMITED, a company incorporated and registered in Scotland  with company number 667202,  and its registered office is 1 Struan, Sollas, Isle of North Uist, Scotland, HS6 5DA.

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