From July onwards high summer arrives in the Arctic and the landscape is adorned with nearly endless daylight from the midnight sun. It is now the giants of the ocean, the large whales arrive to begin their feeding in these rich waters.

With over sixteen species of whale found in Greenland waters throughout the year, this is a place to get close to these heavenly creatures. The most common sightings in the summer are of humpback, minke and fin whale. It is often said the whales in some areas outnumber the iceberg


Greenland in the summer months is a landscape that has slowly awoken from a long slumber of dark winter nights, frozen seas and silence. As the early summer unfolds, the sea ice begins to retreat to reveal a hidden, inaccessible world. It is a time of year that wildlife and nature begin to flourish. The landscape is transformed from a snowy wilderness to one carpeted with more than two hundred species of local flowers in bloom. Early summer in the Arctic is from late May to June, and it is in this time that tens of millions of seabirds return to breed in Greenland, Svalbard and Fran Josef. 


East Greenlands Endless Wonders 


Many people who have travelled the world are certain that this is the most beautiful place on earth; few places are as remote and pristine. The word “Tunu” translates into “backside” and is used by Greenlanders to describe East- Greenland. The 1.500 nautical miles (2.700 km) stretch of the east coast includes the world’s largest national park and three bays with a total of 3.500 inhabitants and a very limited flow of visitors. Untouched and unspoiled,

East Greenland is spectacular, rough and remote. It is the perfect place for real yachting adventure for those who love to experience unspoiled nature. Eastern Greenland will impress you with enormous glaciers, the continental ice as well as the rugged and steep terrain which comprises the deep fjords.

Tasiilaq is the principal town of Eastern Greenland, is located in a hollow surrounded by pointy mountains towering into the sky. You will really notice how far away you are from the rest of the world when you travel around Eastern Greenland. The region has its own unique culture, and the language also differs from that spoken on the west coast.


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