Arctic Char Fishing Adventure

A True Fishing Escape

Few places are as remote as Greenland and our new fishing adventure takes you along the East coast of Greenland and the Scoresby Sound. On our daily expeditions, we will sail into the mouths of fast running rivers and cast our fly. There is a wide variety of water to experience from medium and big glacial rivers to small mountain streams and mountain lakes with crystal clear water and river mouths, where we fish the ocean for char preparing to enter the rivers. 
Each day will bring different challenges and keep you on your toes as you try to tempt these incredible Arctic Char


Greenland Arctic Char Fishing

Dream fishing escape

Treat yourself to the adventure of a lifetime

Cost £6,500 per person

Dates 2021

12th August 2021

Dates 2022

4th August 2022

Dates 2023

1st August 2023


The Adventure

Day 1

Arrive Iceland

Arriving in Iceland from your home we will meet you at the airport and transport you to the North of Iceland for an overnight stay before we head to Greenland the next morning from Akureyri.
Overnight Accommodation

Day 2

Greenland Unfolds

We board our chartered plane and head to Constable Point and the start of our Greenland Adventure. 

We board our Yacht for the next seven days and begin to explore one of the last unspoiled wilderness on the planet seeking out pristine waters in search of free-running Arctic Char.

7 Nights Accommodation

All meals



Day 3,4, 5,6,7
The East Coast Fishing

We sail along the coastline, anchoring at the mouth of large rivers, close to large glacial lakes and small fast-flowing streams. every morning we will head into the shoreline aboard our tender and begin fishing these pristine waters. The fishing varies from place to place and in those down times when the fish are reluctant to take the fly sit back, have a coffee or a break before tackling up and trying something different tempt them. With endless daylight our days and fishing is flexible

The Fishing

Arctic char comes in various colours and there is never one uniform shade. During their time at sea, they have a silvery colour but on entering the rivers they begin to change colour Their colours can vary from grey with orange, bright silver, greenish-yellow, black with deep red and everything in between.
The Greenlandic Char are great fighters and when hooked they run off and leap high in the air, stripping outline, a very strong fish with a true fighting spirit.

Test your skills in this incredible place


The Yacht

Your Adventure Home

Your accommodation and transport around Greenland is the beautiful sailing yacht, Vera. The Oyster 68. Designed by Holman and Pye and built in 1989 by Oyster Marine in England, she is an excellent cruising yacht, recognised throughout the sailing world for quality, comfort and performance. With core values of strength, seaworthiness and a multitude of practical, seamanlike features, she provides a secure environment for adventurous cruising.


For overnight voyages, she offers 11 berths over five separate cabins, all en-suite with showers, for eight guests and three crew members.The crew is looking forward to welcoming you onboard and we believe the expedition will be unforgettable, Onboard you will find the captain with a dedicated and professional approach to your safety, sailing and navigation as well as first mate and guide, with his passion for sailing and love of nature. Finally, the chef whose love for cooking ensures you will experience everything the local environment has to offer

In Safe Hands

The safety of the passengers and crew is our highest priority and we do everything possible to create a safe voyage for everyone onboard. We work systematically to identify potential risk situations and thereby prevent accidents. Our goal is to continuously improve security.
The yacht’s captain is principally responsible for security on board; each crew member has their own carefully practised task in case something should happen. The crew has emergency training including; fire, evacuation, life raft, medical care, “man overboard”, leakage, and helicopter rescue. Participation in the regular security drills is obligatory for all crew members, and each participant is registered.


Adapting to the prevailing weather patterns

Weather and wind affect our yacht to some extent. To ensure that you and your fellow passengers will be safe and comfortable, we adapt our routes and speeds to the prevailing weather conditions. The safety of the yacht, passengers and crew is more important than our timetable. In case of rough weather, delays may occur and the captain may make changes to the itinerary. We are not responsible for any refunds because of delays or changes of itinerary due to weather or emergency.