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Combine Iceland and the Outer Hebrides on a trip and you are doing something few people on the planet have done and here at igot2travel we strive to bring you places few other companies travel. We are thrilled to be able to offer you this unique adventure of 9 days in Iceland and 9 days in the Outer Hebrides. This is a fantastic adventure that takes you to glaciers, volcanoes, remote islands, close to wildlife and through some of the most pristine environments on the planet. You will hear two native languages Icelandic and Scots Gaelic on your journey so you will be truly immersed in the culture at the end of this adventure.;


18 nights


£11,500 Per Person


Iceland Tour


Day 1 Iceland

The beginning of Europe

imagine as you step off the plane in Iceland that you are setting foot on the last inhabited place in `Europe and the start or end of Europe however you choose to view its location.

Following your international arrival at Keflavik airport, your Icelandic Adventure leader will greet you and once introductions and baggage are collected, you’ll step out into the pure Icelandic air. If this is your first time in Iceland, you will immediately feel the crispness of the wind and the vast openness before you.

We begin our journey heading out to the south coast of Iceland on our way to the ferry harbour Landeyjarhofn to go to the beautiful Vestman islands. Our trip to the south of Iceland will take us through dramatic volcanic scenery, and between two tectonic plates, the North American and Eurasian. We will have a few picturesque stops before we take an early afternoon ferry ride over to the Vestman Islands. The sailing is short (about 40 min) and very scenic as we sail into the port at Heimaey. Once settled into our accommodation we’ll have a brief orientation of the island before heading to a beautiful restaurant for dinner.

2 nights Accommodation 

2 dinners

Day 2

Puffins , Cliffs, History

After our first night at peace on the beautiful Westman Islands and generous breakfast, we take a short stroll down to the small harbour to embark on our sea-going adventure aboard a fast Rib (Rigid inflatable). Our journey will take us close to the puffin cliffs puffin and get us closer to some of the beautiful seabirds in these islands. We sail around the islands and take a closer look at the youngest Island in Europe called Surtsey, which formed following an ocean eruption that started November 14th, 1963 and ended in 1967. Today the island is classed a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The afternoon is free, and you can explore this beautiful place at your leisure. Maybe hire an electric bike, play a round of golf or meander and take in the breath-taking views from the hilltops.

Picnic lunch

Hosted Dinner


Day 3

Black sand, Icebergs and  Waterfalls

After breakfast, we load up our vehicle and head down to the ferry and set sail back to Iceland. Once again on the main island, we spend the rest of our day exploring the incredible diversity of Iceland's landscape. We explore the astonishing area of Eyjafjallajokull; which in 2010 was where a volcano erupted and caused so much trouble with air traffic all over Europe. We look at different waterfalls around the area to show you the astonishing variety of nature in the area and why Iceland is such a beautiful country to explore. During the day we will look at a landlocked island called Dyrholaey. For those bird and nature lovers, this is a real treat as they are very rich in birdlife and unique and beautiful rock formations. We then head to the black sand beach Reynisfjara to share in another unique Iceland experience - walking on black sand. It is dramatic, it’s captivating and something completley different to experience.

Lunch on own along the way
2 nights accommodation
Included Dinner

Day 4

To The Land of Thor

Today we go on an incredible adventure into Thorsmork, a dramatic landscape surrounded by three glaciers: Myrdalsjokull, Eyjafjallajokull and Tindfjallajokull and high mountains, named after the Norse mythology god of thunder Thor. Our transportation is in 4x4 super jeeps that have gotten specially modified for this kind of travel on gravel roads, mountain tracks, rivers that have no bridges and to cross rough terrain. It is safe to say the super jeep is an adventure in its own right. Thorsmork is known for its beauty, rich vegetation, and out of this world landscape that is only passable for modified vehicles. This area is full of hiking trails and offers complete tranquillity.

Wet weather gear can be provided if needed for the adventure.

Lunch and dinner,


Day 5


After breakfast we drive along the south coast, stopping off in the beautiful little village of Vik, and from there continue to one of the wonders of south-east Iceland, the amazing Fjadrargljufur canyon. This incredible water eroded canyon has been here since the end of the last ice age - almost nine thousand years ago. The rock formation is palagonite, a soft lava rock that is found in many places in Iceland. There is a perfect walking path along the canyon with many viewpoints to absorb this dramatic landscape.

We’ll continue to Skaftafell, part of the national glacier park, where lunch will be on your own today. Afterwards, we head out and go on one of the trails in the area and hike up to Svartifoss waterfall. It is a very picturesque waterfall that cascades over columnar rocks and well worth the light to moderate hike. Skaftafell is one of its kind, snug under the glacier Vatnajokull, surprisingly rich in vegetation and provides a lovely and comfortable place to walk.

1 night accommodation


Day 6

Glacial Laggon, Glaciers, Wildlife

Today we continue our drive along the southeast coast] of Iceland, taking in the beautiful views while we head towards Jokulsarlon, one of the most amazing places in Iceland. Jokulsarlon is Iceland’s largest glacier lagoon and is one of a kind, partly saltwater, partly freshwater; a beautiful lagoon in front of Iceland’s largest glacier Vatnajokull. The lagoon attracts different sea birds and seals, who can often be found on some of the icebergs relaxing and enjoying the summer warmth. Beneath the glacier swimming on the inner lakes is heard the haunting cry of the Red Throated diver whose voices echo through this remarkable landscape, a gentle reminder that nature is still in charge. We stop for lunch at the lagoon before boarding our Zodiac to get up close and personal with the incredible icebergs floating in these pristine waters. 

This stunningly beautiful display makes it a favourite location for photographers and nature lovers alike. It is also one of the best places in the country to see Orcas swimming offshore.

Flotation suits and lifejackets provided
1-night stay
Lunch & Dinner


Day 7

Fishing Village,Fjords and Scenery

Our journey continues as we head east where we discover amazingly shaped mountains and deep fjords that split the landscape in two. Less than three per cent of the Icelandic population lives in this truly picturesque area, with stunning scenery, remote fishing villages, sparkling lakes, dense forests and traditional farms. Along the way, we will stop and have lunch in a local restaurant. With luck, we may catch a glimpse of the wild reindeer that were originally brought to Iceland for farming, but through lack of success, were allowed to roam free ever since.

After a day of driving and exploring an extraordinary landscape, we finish off our adventure at the Vok baths, a new geothermal floating pool in a beautiful little lake located just outside of the town Egilsstadir. Vök Baths harnesses the geothermal power of the region to create a unique bathing experience with amazing views of the rest of the lake and the surrounding area.

Throughout the centuries, people living around Lake Urriðavatn noticed certain spots on the lake that curiously did not freeze in the wintertime.

Entrance to Vök
1 night accommodation
Lunch and dinner

Day 8

Museum, Reykjavik, Capital Iceland

We then drive to Hengifoss where we’ll meet Iceland's second tallest waterfall, surrounded by basaltic columnar rock formations. Lunch at Obyggðasetur, the museum where an old farmhouse has been tastefully restored to give you an insight as to how life in Iceland was, not so long ago. A stroll through the museum will open your eyes to the real hardships people faced in this inhospitable landscape.

After the tour, we will drive to the airport for your internal flight to Reykjavik, where you will be picked up at the airport and taken to your hotel. A local guide will show you around Reykjavik and give some pointers on where to eat for the evening. Dinner is on your own tonight and provides an opportunity to try out one of many excellent restaurants in the city and some local food.

2 nights accommodation
Dinner on own


Day 9

Vikings, History, Blue Lagoon

Today is a relaxed day as we head to the well-known Blue Lagoon to relax in the unusual geothermal salt water and let the water relax sore muscles and rejuvenate our energy and skin. We begin to unwind and remember the beautiful journey to this point and all we have seen and shared together.

Following our Lagoon visit, we will visit the Viking museum and see a replica Viking longship built to sail from Iceland to North America, following in the ancient footsteps of Leif Ericson as he headed to Greenland and America.

The afternoon is at your leisure to explore Reykjavik, one of the smallest capitals in Europe and get some last-minute shopping. 

In the evening we have our farewell dinner in one of Reykjavik's restaurants and toast our Icelandic Adventure and the meeting of new friends.

Lunch on own

Dinner included