A Mini Taste of Iceland

A Mindful Escape

Our short 5-day adventure will take you into some of the most captivating landscapes on the planet. With endless daylight, Icelandic summers are so special. The soft light revealing more of her hidden gems at different times of the day and on this short adventure, there is plenty of time to savour these precious moments in one of the purest environments in the world.


Iceland Mini Break

Don’t Miss Out! 2022

A great way to see and get a taste for Iceland in a few days

£4,400 per person

Dates 2021

22nd - 28th July 2021

6th - 12 August 2021

20th - 26th August 2021

Dates 2022

23 - 29th May 2022

6th - 12th  June 2022

27th June -2nd July 2022

18th -24th July 2022

8th - 14th August 2022


The Adventure

Day 1

Step into Paradise

Following your international arrival at Keflavik airport, your Icelandic Adventure leader will greet you and once introductions and baggage is collected, you’ll step out into the pure Icelandic air. If this is your first time in Iceland, you will immediately feel the crispness of the wind and the vast openness before you.

We begin our journey heading out to the south coast of Iceland on our way to the ferry harbour Landeyjarhofn to go to the beautiful Vestman islands. Our trip to the south of Iceland will take us through dramatic volcanic scenery, and between two tectonic plates, the North American and Eurasian. We will have a few picturesque stops before we take an early afternoon ferry ride over to the Vestman Islands. The sailing is short (about 40 min) and very scenic as we sail into the port at Heimaey. Once settled into our accommodation we’ll have a brief orientation of the island before heading to a beautiful restaurant for dinner.

Accommodation : 2 nights

Dinner: Welcome dinner at a local restaurant with wine

Day 2

An Experience Like No Other

After our first night at peace on the beautiful Westman Islands and generous breakfast, we take a short stroll down to the small harbour to embark on our sea-going adventure aboard a fast Rib (Rigid inflatable). Our journey will take us close to the puffin cliffs puffin and get us closer to some of the beautiful seabirds in these islands. The afternoon is free, and you can explore this beautiful place at your leisure. Maybe hire an electric bike, play a round of golf or meander and take in the breath-taking views from the hilltops.

Included: all gear for a boat ride, lunch, hosted dinner


Day 3

Glorious Waterfalls and South Coast

After breakfast, we load up and head down to the ferry harbour and say goodbye to the lovely island Heimaey, When back on the mainland we use the day to explore the area of Eyjafjallajokull, the glacier that erupted in 2010 and caused trouble with air traffic in Europe over a period of time. We look at different waterfalls and they are many in the area. We take a look at the land island called Dyrhólaey where you will find very rich birdlife and unique rock formations. Got to the black sand beach called Reynisfjara. Lunch on route

Day 4

Glaciers and Icebergs

We start our drive along the southeast coast towards the mighty Glacier lagoon, on the way we stop for various places, the first stop is for the beautiful Fjadrargljufur https://www.south.is/en/what-to-see-do/places-1/fjadrargljufur
That canyon is amazing and well worth stopping for. From there we drive to the national park Skaftafell , walk around there and take in the beauty of the place there and we have our lunch in the area.
From Skaftafell we drive to our main destination of the day, Glacier lagoon Jokulsarlon .
There we walk around, look at the icebergs, very often you see seals and it attracts many birds, we also walk down to a black sand beach that is nicknamed The Diamond beach because of pieces of icebergs that float down to the ocean and wash up on the beach and melt there.
After this fun and beautiful day but long, we drive back to our hotel for the night, 
Accommodation: Hotel Kria
Included : Lunch , Dinner


Day 5

Iceland Horses, Horticulture and Reykjavik

Today we start to drive back, drive to Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland. On the way we stop at different places, places that are well known, Geysir, the hot spring area, Gullfoss , the mighty waterfall and Thingvellir , the national park first we stop at Greenhouse and horse farm called Fridheimar where we get an introduction to horticulture and taste the delicious tomatoes and look around the greenhouse. We then meet the Icelandic horse which is one of the purest horse breeds in the world and the only horse breed in the country. . From there we drive over to the Geysir area where numerous hot springs are, the best known is Geysir , the one the area is named after and Strokkur, the one that spouts very regularly. . We then drive over to the waterfall Gullfoss, take a walk there and look at the waterfall from different angles. Last but not least, we go to the National park Thingvellir, Iceland’s most sacred place, where the Parliament was founded in the year 930, it is also the place where your find the largest rift valley between the two continental plates, the Eurasian Plate and the North American plate. We take a walk into the rift, to the old parliament place and take in the history and the beauty of the place. From Thingvellir, we drive to Reykjavik and to the hotel for the night. Farewell dinner is booked at a local restaurant in the area 

Day 6

Tour Over

Today we head back to the airport and depart Iceland and say goodbye to new-found friends and travellers.