Take A Moment For You


There are places and moments in our lives where we feel an instant connection to something or a place. It hits us out of the blue and suddenly we find ourselves more open, inquisitive and receptive to new things. We pause within and take stock of the moment. We allow ourselves to be present and to fully immerse and appreciate all that is around us. It is called mindfulness.

As we absorb the world around us through a softer, gentler lens we begin to accept our thoughts and feelings. Everything seems to be passing by in slow motion. It does not seem real yet somehow we have arrived at this moment. It can be emotional as we let go of our fear and embrace the openness of nature, tranquillity and allow ourselves to rest in silence. This is the time to stop and breathe, contemplate the world around you and lose those self-doubts. Find your space, close your eyes and feel the essence of the place through your senses. Take this time to sit and watch the world. Admire the views and let your mind wander free. Feel the calm within as you unwind and release the burdens of life. Embrace your moment and awaken those hidden dreams and promise yourself joy.

Sitting in nature can be so healing. There is space to breathe, to listen, to laugh out loud and feel alive again. Through travel to new places, you will encounter many beautiful things but while there you may also unearth your own hidden self.


Go with the flow

Discover & Observe

Being in nature allows us the opportunity to experience new thoughts and a new perspective on our lives. It enables us to become more receptive and in the past year with COVID 19 and the restrictions being put on our lives being in nature has become more precious as more and more people have begun to appreciate its true value for our well being and mental health.
Remember those feelings of watching a sunset and the sense of inner calm and complete serenity with everything around. Time did not matter as our eyes were focused on the horizon and the setting sun as it sank beneath the waves. Even after it was gone we stayed wanting to remain in the moment.
Take time and give yourself a moment, lie on the grass, sit on top of a mountain, a park bench on the shoreline and simply observe. Listen to the sounds. They become clearer as you declutter the congested noise of the cities where sounds are lost into one mass of confusion. Suddenly the mind becomes clearer as you begin to differentiate so many new sounds. Look to the sky and watch the clouds, they come in many shapes and forms. Some move swiftly others simply seem to meander across the sky as if observing the views around. Let your mind describe what you see and let the words flow as you embrace the moment for you. Close your eyes and hear the sounds and try and draw them in your mind, it can be fun as you connect with those senses and allow yourself the pleasure of a little time for you.


Discover the beauty

Embrace the Stillness

Stillness in nature is one of the most powerful feelings to experience. If you have ever been through a forest in the snow there is a silence that is so magical that we ourselves simply become still as we observe. We watch how the colours illuminate the land in the soft pink winter glow and the band of orange-gold hangs above the snow as the sun fails to rise above the horizon. We do not question why or label it. We embrace the feeling and the moment of being here.

As we step forward we hear the snow crunch beneath our feet and echo through the stillness. Our senses are awakened and we announce to the world in this one step we have arrived. We are content to wander through this magical world and to feel at peace within ourselves. Unknowingly we have let go of the moment and immersed ourselves in nature.

We venture out into the night to chase the northern lights. We dream of seeing them as they flicker in the sky, our hearts are uplifted at the sheer thought of that connection. When they come we are mesmerised, energised and humbled at the sheer beauty of nature. They dance so silently across the star-studded sky and we feel blessed to share the moment. We stand in silence, our hearts beating a mellow tune as we rediscover our joy and our sense of adventure.


Tell your story

Capture the Moment in your heart

Embracing nature opens our heart to new feelings, emotions and desires. We find ourselves in a world we never knew was still possible for we allowed life to take us on a different track. Now is the time to take home those moments, to sit and write your feelings and how you connected with what you saw. By reliving these precious moments you are once more awakening these tender thoughts and bathing in an inner afterglow. As you write your words let them come freely as they describe your intimate connection with nature. Tell your story for it is your personal journey through this land. Relive each thought as if it was just now and in doing so the moment continues. 
At the end of your adventure as you head home, take time to read what you wrote. Can you see how the words flow across the pages for there is no negative barrier of preconception just an open acceptance of everything new? The melody of your words will drive you back to where you have been and once more you can relive the moments for you. In doing so you have become a mindful traveller.

Heading home.jpg

Follow your own Path

Tread in the silver light

Take time to appreciate new feelings and awareness as your eyes open up to a new world. Follow the path you choose and along the way uncover those moments that will remain with you forever. So often life prevents us from taking time for us and we forget the joys we once had when we were carefree. Sometimes it is hard to let go of old habits and stick to the same path but in nature, there are so many beautiful places you can discover by simply walking. Those moments in the afterglow of a sunset when the world becomes hushed and the silver water suddenly glows with a soft pink. Just being in this moment is a true connection and one so few ever make. Make it your own memory. Embrace the freedom for it truly is a beautiful world out there.
If you take time and walk under the summer stars you will see them sparkle in the ocean as if they have come to bathe in this paradise. If you gently clasp your hands and scoop the water there in the palm of your hands are the stars and what you once believed out of reach suddenly is there before you. It is in these moments we discover our own path.