Rediscover and Connect

Step into Nature

There are places in nature that seem so spiritual that we immediately connect and find a feeling of inner peace. Everything around us becomes silent as we step through an unknown dimension. It's as if we enter a new world and have a new sense of awareness as we stand and gaze in awe as the earth appears to open up before our eyes. Nature can show us so many beautiful things, from a simple flower to a fragile butterfly dancing in the wind. It can lead us to explore the night skies and become mesmerised at the billions of twinkling stars or the shimmering, dancing aurora in the northern sky. We forget our fears and embrace the new feeling of joy. 
The landscape is vibrant throughout the seasons; the shades of spring, summer, autumn and winter fuse into each other so seamlessly. Each season has its colour palette, and the unseen artists of nature create incredible daily masterpieces before our eyes from these hues and colours. Those glorious golden sunrises as the light breaks the dawn and illuminate the horizon as the world awakens from its evening slumber. Those tempting shimmering ripples that dance across a turquoise ocean are so inviting, and we lose ourselves just gazing at the beauty of it all. Through taking time, we reconnect with our inner being as we wander through the landscapes. We are but a small piece in the scene, and our presence often dwarfed by the enormity of all that surrounds us. We become aware of those high peaks, the whistle of the wind through the valley, and there is a sense of satisfaction that we are here being a part of it all.
There is a feeling of freedom standing in a vast open space with no one else around for miles and miles. It becomes your world and where you will explore and discover its secrets. You leave no trail but create precious memories as you journey, and when you reach its end and look back, there is a complete sense of satisfaction and contentment. Nature encourages us to go beyond where we believe we can go. Not by pushing us but simply opening up before our eyes and inviting us in. We go of our own choice and,  step-free from all restraints of the outside world that clog the mind. We become mindful travellers.


New Feelings

New Beginnings

The first moment we step into somewhere new we are filled with so many emotions. Seeing the sun in another place is like seeing it for the first time, it seems more beautiful and radiant and everything around is illuminated in the softness of its golden rays. It is as if everything is being re-energised and renewed after a dormant winter. The seasons bring a time for transformation and in spring the air is filled with the fresh smell of the trees and plants as they come back to life.  As we head out into this beautiful vastness and absorb the colours of nature we turn our back on the outside world and disconnect from it all. We walk out into our own universe and our mind drifts through the landscape unchained and free. We feel a new sense of belonging, new beginnings with each step and as we energise it's as if we are in our own dream.
The beauty of these feelings brings balance to our days as we explore the tranquillity of nature and discover how it makes us feel so good. Nature has so many contrasts . Every scene is different and every sound crisper as we open our minds to our new surroundings. Through this openness, we find new feelings that lead us to new beginnings and new adventures for the soul.