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Magical Lapland

Adventures beyond the Arctic Circle

Magical Lapland

Awaken your dreams

Come and explore the magic of Lapland with us and experience the beauty of the dancing aurora, the indigenous Sami people and their beautiful reindeer. Lapland offers a unique winter wonderland adventure with amazing husky rides, pristine landscapes and silence that will take your breath away. Our all-inclusive packages are designed to immerse you into the Lapland culture and give you memories that will last a lifetime.

Dates for 2025

7th to 17th February

21st Feb to 3rd March

7th to 17th March

2 nights Helsinki | 7 nights Lapland | 1 night Helsinki| 10 Breakfasts | 8 Dinners | Daily Activities | Guided Experiences | Cultural Experiences|Lapland Airport Transfers

2 nights Helsinki | 7 nights Lapland | 1 night Helsinki| 10 Breakfasts | 8 Dinners | Daily Activities | Guided Experiences | Cultural Experiences|Lapland Airport Transfers

2 nights Helsinki | 7 nights Lapland | 1 night Helsinki| 10 Breakfasts | 8 Dinners | Daily Activities | Guided Experiences | Cultural Experiences|Lapland Airport Transfers

Cost £6850

Cost £6850

Cost £6850

Experience this beautiful World

Lapland provides an opportunity to explore an unspoiled environment where the value of silence is highly appreciated, and all activities are designed to help you connect with nature in the best possible way. It is a perfect chance to reconnect with your heart and soul, breathe in the fresh air, reflect on your life, and embrace the magic of Lapland. You can experience enriching adventures to help you find inner joy and peace.

Into the Arctic Circle

Lapland is located above the Arctic Circle, meaning that the sun never rises above the horizon during winter. This results in a couple of weeks of polar nights with no light. These extreme contrasts in light are caused by the earth's rotation to the sun's position, and the further north you go, the greater the contrasts. Just imagine the feeling of seeing the sun again in January. Feeling the warmth on your face is overwhelming, like seeing the sun for the first time. During winter, a beautiful light called twilight is almost like a long, slow sunrise without the sun. If the sky is clear, a soft pink light spreads over the landscape, making it even more beautiful.
This place is a photographer's dream, capturing the hues and stillness in the landscape. Every moment in this cherished land is one to savour.

Nature at its best

Reindeer are genuinely magical creatures that have the power to touch our hearts and inspire a sense of wonder. From fond childhood memories to Lapland's awe-inspiring landscapes, these beautiful creatures have captured our imaginations for generations. With over 200,000 reindeer in Finnish Lapland, you are guaranteed to see them on any of our adventures. For thousands of years, the indigenous Sami have revered the reindeer in their culture. These perfectly adapted Arctic survivors have provided families everything from meat and milk to hides for clothing and tents, bones and antlers for tools, handicrafts and weapons, and sinews for sewing. The Sami language has about 1,000 words devoted to describing reindeer's appearance, behaviour, and habits. Join us on our adventures and discover the magic and wonder of the reindeer for yourself.

Land of the Sami People

Discover the breathtaking beauty of Lapland, the land of the majestic reindeer and the Sami people. For centuries, the Sami people have herded reindeer across the Arctic plains, mastering the landscape and adapting their way of life to survive the extreme conditions beyond the Arctic Circle. Their most cherished animal is the reindeer, and they express their love for it through the traditional Sami form of a song called "York." Imagine gazing upon these magnificent creatures as they graze in the forests or roam the open plains with the herders nearby. Experience the wonder of Lapland and witness the bond between the Sami people and their beloved Reindeer and through our adventures a deeper understanding of these incredible people.

Awesome Huskies

When you arrive ready for your Huskie ride, you are greeted with the chorus of eager Huskies howling, barking, and prepared to go and get out into the big beyond. It's deafening, it's exciting, and it is fantastic to hear and see. The dogs are ready and impatient as your great adventure is about to begin. They know the routine now and wonder, are you up for the adventure? Mushing with Huskies is one of the most thrilling experiences in nature, and with you in charge of your team, you quickly form a bond and set out together. The landscape seems to float by as your team leads you through the forests, up small hills and across vast snowy landscapes. Everything is a distraction; this is total freedom. Then there are those nighttime adventures with your team of huskies where the darkness brings new challenges and a greater appreciation for these incredible animals as they race you through the landscape under the Aurora up above. This is one of the most magical moments in Lapland.

New horizons with the Snowmobile

As you step onto the snowmobile, your heart races with excitement and a tinge of apprehension. But as you follow your guide and start to move, a magnificent world of adventure unfolds before you. It only takes about 15 minutes to feel like a pro and begin quickly zipping through forests and down narrow tracks.

The sense of freedom and control is thrilling as you pass through ancient birch forests, ice-laden streams, and frozen lakes. You'll be amazed at how effortless everything feels under the power of your snowmobile. Don't worry about the cold, either - heated hand grips keep your hands warm. Once you get the hang of snowmobiling, imagine the awe-inspiring feeling of heading out on a clear night, searching for the Aurora. Reaching a remote wilderness spot and sitting under the glow of the glorious Aurora is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. And when it's time to return to your comfortable abode, the ride back is easy. Don't miss out on this unforgettable adventure; book your Lapland adventure trip today!

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Bilder und Galerie

Helsinki nach Finnisch-Lappland

  • Arrive Helsinki and make your way to the hotel and gather at 4pm for a meet and greet your fellow passengers before we head out for a short stroll into the surrounding environment and to the harbour. we will sample some local produce before making our way back to the hotel . The early evening sees us head to one of Helsinkis famous restaurants for a feats of Finland and a toast to our great adventure.

  • After a wonderful breakfast, we head out on a discovery tour of Helsinki and visit some incredible churches and discover more about this incredible town; with our local guide, we learn about local culture, the incredible history and experience this city like a local by using trams and boats to get around. Evening at leisure and dinner on your own or with your new-found travel buddies

  • The morning finds us going to the airport and boarding our plane to Lapland. After a short flight, we land in the far north, 400km beyond the Arctic Circle. Our guides meet us at the airport before we set off on a special adventure with huskies through the beautiful landscape and forests before having our first welcome lunch in a wilderness location. On arrival at the hotel, we are shown to our rooms before we gather for a welcome drink and a welcome dinner; after dinner free time to explore outside and see if the Aurora are dancing above before you drift off to sleep in this magical landscape.

  • Following breakfast we head out with our private guide for a short drive and into the world of the Sami. The Sami are the indigenous people of Lapland and today we learn all about their culture and world we visit the famous  Siida Museum with our guide and learn more about the history of the place and its people. Early afternoon we board our snowmobiles and head off to the wilderness and deeper into the Sami culture and visit some special sites and the oldest building in Lapland that has existed since 1760. We have a Lapland lunch before heading back to the Sami Parliament house for a short film and tour before we make our way back to the hotel. Evening activities given on day

  • Another morning in Lapland and today we head off for the fantastic adventure with the Sami and the Reindeer. We head out into the vast forest with the Sami herders and learn about their life and their passion and love for the Reindeer. This cultural experience is so enriching and personal as we get close to almost 1000 Reindeer and have a lunch over an open fire out in the Lapland wilderness. We learn about the life of a Sami herder and how they follow the Reindeer. Late lunch back at the hotel and a chance to relax this afternoon before dinner and another night of wonderful activities which will include Aurora hunting with our local guide.

  • Today is another exciting day with the huskies and we head out on a long husky tour with lunch at the traditional “Kota” wilderness hut, This is a real wow experience as we seem to race through the forests and up small hills and out into the wilderness with these incredible huskies. They just love to run and run and one is always left in awe at their incredible stamina and power. After we return to our base we then have a chance to get close to the dogs and meet some of our friends from the previous day from the Reindeer

    Evening Aurora tour, options incl. aurora hunt by car/snowmobiles/tank or Sauna  

  • Today is another day of fun-filled adventure  Snowmobiling around 3 peaks around the Saariselkä area as we drive through the tortured forests, up the peaks and take in amazing views before a nice local lunch. After lunch (Fieno) we will visit an authentic gold prospector for inside knowledge about life within Lapland Gold. This is a true link back to the times and The Lapland Gold Rush, also known as the Ivalo Gold Rush. This was a gold rush that occurred in the 1870s in Lapland and Gold prospectors have been searching for gold in Lapland for 150 years
    Evening Aurora tour, options incl. aurora hunt by car/snowmobiles/tank or Sauna 

  • Get ready for an adrenaline-fueled adventure in Ivalo's winter wonderland as you embark on the exhilarating experiences of Electric Snowscooters and Ice Karting. Brace yourself for the thrill of high-speed rides across the snowy landscapes and the excitement of racing on icy tracks, creating unforgettable memories in the heart of the Arctic. Hop on an Electric Snowscooter and zoom through the pristine winter scenery, feeling the rush of the wind against your face as you navigate through snowy trails and forests. These eco-friendly snowscooters offer a thrilling ride while minimizing environmental impact, allowing you to explore the beauty of the Arctic landscapes with a clear conscience. Return early afternoon for some down time and an opportubnity to try the sauna and jacuzzi before a final dinner in Lapland and one last adventure out into the starry sky in search of the Aurora. 

  • Our final day in Lapland sees us go on one last snowmobile adventure into the tortured forests and to some stunning vistas before stopping of for a final lunch and trying a spot of ice fishing. Once back at our accommodation, we prepare for a late afternoon departure as we then make our way back to Helsinki. Once in Helsinki we check into our hotel before heading out to find a local restaurant and a  chance to reflect on what was an amazing adventure.

  • Depending on your flights you may have time for a bit of shopping in Helsinki and a spot of lunch. Then make your own way to the airport and a final farewell to the wonders of Finland and Lapland