Adventures with Soul


Every destination we chose has been specially selected with our guides to showcase the beauty of nature and the local cultures that live and work in these places. From the vastness of Greenland to the silence of Lapland, every journey with us will immerse you in nature, introduce you to local culture and increase your understanding of life in these beautiful remote locations. Travel with us, and experience a different world. Small groups of six travellers on any adventure.

Epic Greenland

Beginning summer 2021 our brand new adventures into Greenland and a truly incredible experience. Join our mailing list for launch details of this awesome experience

Awesome Iceland

Iceland is a land of incredible scenery and natural wonders that take the breath away. A place for all seasons and one of the most beautiful places on the planet. 

Enchanting Hebrides

The Outer Hebrides is a chain of islands like no other. With endless archaeology, stunning powder sand beaches, incredible wildlife and endless vistas on every turn



All our guides are locally based in every destination we travel and have spent their lives exploring and learning all there is to know about these incredible places.


Travel with us and our passion for each place will shine through. Our love of nature and wildlife knows no end and we only take you places we  totally LOVE


From the moment you begin your journey with us you will find we are professional on every level and do our utmost to ensure your adventure is the best it can be.


We are always considerate to your needs and will always listen and try to ensure your requests are met with sincerity, kindness and warmth.  Join us and feel a part of the family.




Within our small team, there are over sixty years of travel, tourism and management experience at a local and international level; you can be relax knowing you are in expert hands from start to finish. Travel with us and be assured of pure passion for the environment and an authentic adventure wherever we take you . Know that all of our experiences are from the heart. We have created soulful journeys that try to give you the most precious time in nature and find a feeling of inner peace away from the stresses in an ever-changing world.


We are a responsible tourism business that sustainably conducts its business by taking of account the interests of the local people; preserving their cultural heritage; caring for our environment and participating in environmentally conscious and educational programs that focus on providing long term solutions to pollution and global warming. We follow the principles of Eco Tourism.. Ecotourism is about uniting conservation, communities, and sustainable travel.


Over the years, we have built a strong professional relationship with many local service providers wherever we operate. Today we can call them friends and together we have created some incredible, exclusive experiences for igot2travel.

We don’t just put together an adventure; we develop a voyage of discovery where every moment provides something to cherish. We take our business very seriously. It means our behaviour is correct, objective, balanced, efficient and reliable. We are down to earth in the way we conduct business.


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