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Be Present in the Moment

Every adventure we create is designed to enable you to 
truly experience the essence of a place. By taking time with our thoughts we can switch off from the outside world be more in tune and receptive to our new surroundings as we awaken our inner curiosity. We feel the need to quench this new thirst for knowledge and understanding of a new place, its people and culture through new eyes.
On all our adventures we will give you time to pause, observe, listen and breathe in your new surroundings.   Discover a different world where even clouds pause to admire the views.


Get Closer to Nature

Make a new connection

To truly connect, we must allow our minds to wander free and absorb all we see, feel and hear. By immersing ourselves in nature, the vibrancy of the landscape becomes visible. The colours, the hues and the seamless merging of sky and sea become more vivid. Our senses are more attuned to all around us, and we begin to declutter the mind from the constant confusion of the sounds of a city to distinguish those mellow sounds of nature.  

The lure of the land has always been a part of our journeys. We continually seek out those intimate connections with nature and the planet. On all our adventures, we step into the environment with open eyes and a desire to discover what lies beyond the visible. Layer by layer, the inner world of the landscape gets revealed through the eyes of our local guides. Each place has an intimate connection to their heart, and each step with them through the landscape is a journey through their invisible Timeline on this earth. 


Why Travel With Us

Crowds have never been our thing

In an ever-changing world, we seek the constant reassurance of nature and all the things that excite and awaken our spirit.  We do not race against time on our journeys but embrace each day and try and take from it memories that will last us a lifetime. There are moments to pause and roam free with our thoughts. At igot2travel, all our guides are native to the places we visit and are deeply passionate about the planet, nature and people. With our small group numbers, you are never crowded, and each day will introduce you to a new beginning and a genuine connection to nature. 
Our meaningful travel adventures are so much more rewarding for the curious, mindful traveller who likes to understand the way different people live, their culture and what can be learnt from visiting these places. Travel with us, and we will introduce you to many other local voices, which is so enriching in travel.
We pride ourselves in authentic small group travel and with a maximum number of six like-minded travellers on any adventure. Join us and experience a different type of travel.


Great Destinations

Follow your Heart

Experience incredible destinations and authentic travel experiences where you have the time to enjoy them with like-minded travellers in a small group never more than 6 passengers.

The Outer Hebrides

Jewels of Scotland

Scotland & Scottish Islands

The Hidden Gems

Iceland Winter Wonders

Chasing the Northern Lights

Windswept Islands

Great Combo Experiences

Outer Hebrides
Mini Break

Taste the Freedom

Iceland Summer

Iceland Revealed

Iceland Mini Break

Packed with Experiences

Greenland Fishing

Sailing & Arctic char

Yacht over.jpg

Other Services

Take a Look

As part of our travel brand, we are passionate about providing our clients with the best service levels, opportunities and access to tailored and unique adventures, environments and digital services. We work with some of the most incredible people that strive to bring the outdoors to your heart in a truly remarkable way.

Media Location Specialists


Are you a business or an individual seeking to find incredible locations for filming or travel programs and looking to work with a small enthusiastic team with years of experience in remote destinations and settings? Our small team will be able to tailor your requirements from the start of your project to the conclusion and in the most professional way.

Adventure Specialists

Nature at your fingertips

To discover a place, we need to see it from many perspectives and, through our unique adventures, give you every opportunity to test yourself, to embrace the great outdoors and go beyond where you imagined. With our fully qualified instructors, you could be taking to the waves under your own steam on a sea kayak or paddleboarding across a beautiful shallow bay to a distant island. The great outdoors opens our eyes to so many incredible experiences, and if you want the feeling of complete freedom, we have the trip just tailored for you.


New Adventures Coming Soon

The World at Your Fingertips

At igot2travel we continually strive to improve our adventures and bring new escapes for our customers, We are excited to be bringing in new destinations for 2022 and 2023 so make sure you subscribe to keep up to date.

Reindeer Lapland.jpeg

Jewels of England

Unforgettable Memories

 This new adventure will take you to the most southerly islands in Britain and out to islands in the Celtic sea


An Experience Like No Other

The sheer magic of Finnish Lapland lives long in the memory and we are excited to be bringing you new adventures to this incredible place. With the focus on tranquillity, nature and the northern lights, we know it will be beautiful.


Your Adventure Awaits

The sheer beauty of Scandinavia often leaves us longing for more and with our new adventures into this incredible environment we try to provide just that. Awesome scenery, pristine environment, culture, history and local produce with a touch of flare.


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