Travel is our Passion

Travel leads us down many new roads and opens our minds to new cultures, people and lifestyles that are so different to ours. Along the way we encounter things that will challenge us but also reward us in such a fulfilling way and the more we travel and discover the more we learn. We feel at home in any country and become true citizens of the world.

Nurture the Soul

Since Covid 19 we have all endured and encountered moments of disconnect, sadness and curtailment of our travel dreams. Yet the beauty of nature managed to soothe the weary heart and mind. At igot2travel all of our journeys are about connecting with the environment and giving us the time to relax and let our thoughts flow free.. Through mindful travel, we rediscover our own direction and become present in every moment.



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Journeys for the Soul

Nothing beats heading off on a great adventure, and at igot2travel, we have some extraordinary ones just prepared for you. As a business, we pride ourselves on quality experiences with local guides who live and work in each destination year-round. All our adventures are genuinely local and authentic. It lets you experience the cultural connections first-hand and become acquainted with the local community. Our adventures consist of small groups of no more than six travellers, ensuring our impact on the environment is minimal. Travel with us, and our fantastic guides will slowly reveal the hidden layers of history and culture through their stories and take you to their favourite places. Our adventures give so much more than any given itinerary, so why not come and find out why igot2travel adventures are so unique? Travel with us, and we will introduce you to nature in the most incredible places. 

Combine Destinations and Save - Why not treat yourself to one of our combination tours and get the most out of your vacation? Our most popular combinations are Iceland and the Outer Hebrides summer adventures and Iceland and Lapland  Northern lights adventures. Book either of these combinations and receive a $250 dollar discount per person. 

Special Pre-Tour Adventures or Extensions - Fancy extending your stay pre-tour or after? We can provide you with some epic experiences in Greenland and Scotland. Check out our inspiration page and discover some unique places to extend your stay.

Tailored Just For You - There may be times when you are seeking something a little more exclusive to your needs, and we are happy to tailor any of our tours to ensure we facilitate your must-see wow moments and experiences. Why not drop us an email, and let's begin the discussion? 


Iceland Summer

Miracles of Iceland  - 7 nights  $5,575 per person

7 nights| 7 breakfasts | 7 dinners |Fully guided |Airport pick up and drop off |  included entries + Boat trips |Private vehicle  

There is nowhere like Iceland, and from the moment you arrive till it is time to leave, you seem spellbound by the dramatic beauty of this place. It is a place that defies all logic yet as you travel around it the sheer enormity of the skies, the glaciers and the volcanic landscape is epic. In the summer months, the days are long, and at the height of summer, the sun never seems to set. Iceland is a place for all nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts as well as those seeking to hike into hidden valleys our out onto awesome glaciers. Discover Iceland with us and let us reveal to you her natural treasures. 


Iceland Winter

Chasing the Northern Lights - $2,875 per person

4 Nights | 5 Breakfasts | 3 Lunches | 4 Dinners | Fully Guided |Private Vehicle

| Included Entries | Airport Greet and Drop off

Winter brings a new look feeling to Iceland's landscape as the colour of summer is transformed into a snow-coated landscape, frozen waterfalls, and of course, nature's illumination shown in the heavens, the Aurora Borealis. The contrast of the black sand beaches with a border of thin ice at their edge is dramatic, and the volcanic landscape becomes even more visible under winter's frosty grip. This is a time to explore the interior and the ice caves and marvel at the remnants of icebergs as they slowly drift from the glacial lagoon to the black sand beach. Discover a different Iceland and treat yourself to something special.

Hebrides Summer

Summer Hebrides Adventure - 7 nights £3,735 per person

7 nights| 7 breakfasts |6 lunches | 7 dinners |Fully guided |Airport pick up / drop off
| Inter-island travel and included entries |Private vehicle

The Outer Hebrides lie a mere 30 miles from the west coast of Scotland, yet they seem another world away. These islands are home to a mere population of 24,000 people living across 13 occupied Islands and over 100 deserted islands around their coast. These islands have a unique feeling of tranquillity and totally pristine environment. Home to a Gaelic-speaking culture, this truly is the opportunity to step into the hidden world of the Hebrides and savour the places that warm the soul. With native local guides, you can be assured of a trip to remember and discover a different Scotland along the way.

 Hebrides Break

Summer Mini Break - 4 nights £1875 per person

4 nights|4 breakfasts |4 lunches |4 dinners |Fully guided |Airport pick up and drop off | Inter-island travel and included entries |Private vehicle

Looking for a short break away from it all, come to the Outer Hebrides and unwind in a pristine environment. Walk through an ancient landscape on soft powder sand beaches and paddle in turquoise seas. This truly is an island paradise. Your short break will introduce you to wildlife, archaeology and nine different islands. Staying in small boutique hotels and sampling fine local produce like mussels, lobster, crab, langoustine, scallops, sea trout and fine smoked salmon. These islands are real hidden gems and a mere 45 minutes flying time from either Glasgow or Edinburgh, making it easier to get here than you imagined.

Magical Lapland

Wonders of Lapland - 10 nights - £5,200 pp

2 Nights Helsinki | 7 nights Lapland | 1 Night Helsinki | 10 Breakfasts |
9 dinners |Fully Guided Excursions | Airport Transfers

For those who have never been to Lapland, it truly is something out of this world. The sheer excitement as you cross the arctic circle and head into the unknown is hard to contain. There is the expectancy of meeting reindeer,  driving a team of huskies through virgin snow or searching for the Auroras Borealis while being pulled by a reindeer or from the window of your cabin. Seeing them for many is a lifetime's dream, and where better to see them than in this incredible place? Lapland is home to the indigenous Sami people, who number around 60.000 and meeting them is an important part of these adventures.on these long polar nights.  

North Uist Fishing

Fly Fishing North Uist -  6 Days Ghillie Service

£150 per day for 2 Rods

Fly fishing in North Uist is a fly fisher's dream. With endless lochs to fish, numerous sea pools, and a fine selection of brackish lochs, the variety of water and fishing experiences is second to none. For the trout fisher, North Uist lochs produce year after year with some specimen trout caught regularly. Sea trout fishing in North Uist is still one of the most exciting experiences, with the average fish weighing over 3 pounds and some large sea trout up to 10 pounds caught throughout the season. Salmon fishing is done mainly on a few lochs, and over the past few seasons, there has been some decent fish caught up to 15 pounds in weight.

Windswept Islands 

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Why Travel With Us

We are a Small Tour Operator based in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland that specialises in providing unique cultural and nature-based adventures to remote places. With extensive knowledge gained from living in remote islands all of our life, we have been able to create and deliver high-quality immersive experiences that take you closer to nature and connect you with local culture and communities through our small group travel adventures.

Small Groups

When we talk about small group travel we mean it. Our tours have a capacity of six travellers at any one time and we believe this enables us to provide you with real adventures filled with wonderful moments only possible with small groups.

Environmentally Concious

We take great pride in our knowledge of wildlife and the environment and with all of our journeys into nature we ensure that we take away memories and leave only footprints. From our Eco water bottles to our speciality environmental soaps and bio degradable packaging you will be travelling with a company whos hearet is truly uin nature.


We believe that travel is about connections both in nature and through local communities and we strongly support rural businesses and their continued sustainability. Join our travel adventures and be a part of something special and meet some incredible people along the way who we are proud to call our friends and business associates.

Magic of Lapland 

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New Adventures for 2023

New Adventures for 2023

Adventures with Soul

Discover the amazing planet


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