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Lapland  - The Magical Journey

"Do not go where the path may lead; go where there is no path and leave a trail."


Few places awaken the inner child in us like Lapland. It is a place for adventure and where the magic of nature unfolds before your very eyes. To stand here surrounded by silence as you watch the dancing Aurora is a moment that will live with you forever. Lapland is an astonishingly beautiful place, and the first moment you step foot beyond the Arctic circle, you know you, indeed, are somewhere remarkable.

Coming to Lapland is a journey of a lifetime and one of those places on your bucket list of places to venture. The only way to describe Lapland is that there is tranquillity and a true sense of peacefulness. There is time to reflect, experience and appreciate nature and sit in awe at all around you. Lapland is a personal journey for the soul and one where memories are truly made that last forever. 

It is a place filled with a sense of magic and the sounds of nature. The hues of a winter sun barely rising above the horizon emits a delicate, ethereal glow that beautifies the landscape in soft pinky bluish glows. The trees hang frozen and take on mysterious forms, and as we pass them by, the imagination begins to see mystical shapes and creatures.

If you truly want to experience something special then join us on our Magical Lapland Adventure.

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17th -27th


February 2024

2 nights Helsinki | 7 nights Lapland | 1 night Helsinki| 10 Breakfasts | 8 Dinners | Daily Activities | Guided Experiences | Cultural Experiences|Lapland Airport Transfers


2nd - 12th 


March 2024

10 Nights |2 Nights Helsinki | 7 Nights Lapland | 1 Night Helsinki | 10 Breakfast  | 9 Dinners |Airport Transfers | Daily Activities & Experiences |Guided Excursions |


16th - 26th


March 2024

10 Nights |2 Nights Helsinki | 7 Nights Lapland | 1 Night Helsinki | 10 Breakfast  | 9 Dinners |Airport Transfers | Daily Activities & Experiences |Guided Excursions |



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Helsinki to Finnish Lapland

The journey beyond your dreams

Magical Lapland Adventure 2024

2 nights Helsinki | 7 nights Lapland | 1 night Helsinki| 10 Breakfasts |7 Lunches | 8 Dinners | Daily Activities | Guided Experiences | Cultural Experiences|Lapland Airport Transfers

PLEASE NOTE: This Adventure involves Huskies, Snowmobiles, late-evening activities in the dark, and Aurora Hunting. This Tour is unsuitable for those who are not actively fit or can walk through snowy landscapes. We can travel up to 25 km on some of these experiences with Huskies and Snowmobiles, and a good all-around fitness level is required. We can, of course, tailor this to suit your requirements and alter activities as required.

In Lapland all outdoor clothing and protective helmets, boots and thermal suits are provided.

Excludes International Airfare and Internal Flights


Cost Per Person £6,875

Booking Terms 

Land of the Northern Lights

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Breathtaking Moments

Winter in Lapland is a time that challenges the mind with the seemingly endless darkness from 3 pm and the nights seem to be of endless darkness yet in the darkness we are able to see what is never visible in the daylight because actually there is sunlight from thousands of suns far far away. In a place with no light pollution, the sun sends greetings in the dark. Particles from violent storms on the surface of the sun travel towards the earth and collide with our magnetic field and create a solar storm we call the Aurora Borealis or the northern lights. There is an air of excitement as we head out to search the heavens for a glimpse of these heavenly lights. Suddenly we see the bright light glimmer on the horizon. We pause and then the sky is filled with the dancing Aurora. They shimmer and dart across the sky, sometimes faint and other times so colourful that the heavens seem alive. Seeing them we forget the outside world and drift with our thoughts. This is a moment we will never forget.


More Reindeer than people

Home of the Reindeer

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Roaming Free

There is something magical about Reindeer that illuminates a softness in every heart. Maybe its those fond memories of childhood when we wrote a letter to santa and waited for Rudolph and his friends to come with santa. Lapland is the land of the Reindeer and the indigenous Sami. There are over 200,00 reindeer in Finnish Lapland and you are guaranteed to see them on any of our adventures. For the Sami people, the Reindeer is revered in Sami culture because for thousands of years these perfectly adapted Arctic survivors have provided families with meat and milk; hides for clothing, shoes and tents; bones and antlers for tools, handicrafts and weapons; and sinews for sewing. This is reflected in the language: there are thought to be about 1,000 Sami words devoted to reindeer appearance, behaviour and habits.


Home of the Sami People

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The Sami

 The Sami are indigenous people who inhabit Sápmi, their preferred name for Lapland, and adjacent areas of northern Norway, Sweden, and Finland, as well as the Kola Peninsula of Russia. They are speakers of the Sami languages, which are endangered, and their unique way of life is something beyond most people's imagination. No journey to this part of the world would ever be complete without learning, meeting and listening to their stories and understanding the actual value of indigenous languages, peoples and, of course, the Power of the Yoik.

The Sami know and live in this hostile landscape and it is a privilege  to learn more about their way of life beyond the Arctic circle and the implications of climate change which even threatens their world and that of. the Reindeer.  


Cherish the moment in silence

Land of the soft light

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Rejuvinate in the afterglow


Lapland is a journey into a pristine environment where silence is golden, and all our adventures are created to enable you to experience nature at its best. This is the time to reconnect with your heart and your inner soul. Breathe the pure air, reflect and embrace a magical world filled with enriching experiences and in doing so, find your inner happy place.

Lapland’s location above the Arctic Circle also means that during the winter season, the sun never rises above the horizon which means there is no light for a couple of weeks and this is known as the polar nights. These extreme contrasts in light are caused by the rotation of the earth in relation to the position of the sun and the further north you go the greater the contrasts.

Imagine that feeling in January of seeing the sun return and feeling it on your face is so overwhelming and is like seeing the sun for the first time in your life. In the winter there is the twilight light and the most beautiful light., almost like a long, slow sunrise without the sun. If there is a clear sky there is a soft pink light that gets spread over the landscape and it is so beautiful.

This is a photographers dream to try and capture the hues and the stillness in the landscape. ~Every moment in this cherished land is one to savour


Heartfelt Moments

Heading to Lapland is always something filled with excitement and the unknown and nothing could be more rewarding than a visit to Father Christmas. Lapland and the far north have been home to Santa, and every year, thousands of families make their way to his home in the far north. Maybe you wrote a letter to Santa when you were a child and sent it off, hoping to receive your wanted gift at Christmas time. Over hundreds of years, the story of Santa has evolved and was originally inspired by Santa-like figures from the Norse god Oden. Through the centuries these stories and myths developed and in the 16th century were combined with St Nicholas to create the Santa figure we are familiar with today. The original home of Santa was said to be the north pole but the people of Finland recognised that the north pole was a cold and inhospitable place where no herd of reindeer could live so in 1927, on Finnish radio by broadcaster Marcus Rautioit was announced that Santas workshop had been found in Korvatunturi fel.


Journey beyond the Arctic Circle

The Tour

The Journey of Dreams

Release Your Inner Adventurer

Our Lapland Adventure is a tour for those seeking a truly authentic experience in the heart of Lapland Nature. Our uniquely tailored tour brings you the true essence of Lapland through carefully chosen experiences that immerse and awaken you to the true wonder of Lapland. Imagine the feeling of freedom as you mush through the pristine snowy landscape with your team of Huskies, or take a snowmobile ride through ancient birch forests where the trees have taken on the most incredible forms from stunted growth in this challenging environment. Feel the excitement as we head out to seek the Aurora on a crisp, clear night and suddenly see them above us dancing carefree across the sky or maybe a day with the Sami herders as they tend their Reindeer far out in the depths of the forest, imagine the thrill of close to a thousand Reindeer all around you and learning from the incredible Sami herders the story of their lives and their love of their Reindeer.


Your friends on your journey

Land of the Huskies

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Feel the Power

When you arrive ready for your Huskie ride, you are greeted with the chorus of eager Huskies howling, barking, and ready to go and get out into the big beyond. It's deafening, it's exciting, and it is awesome to hear and see. The dogs are ready and impatient as your great adventure is about to begin. They know the routine now they wonder, are you up for the adventure? Mushing with Huskies is one of the most thrilling experiences in nature, and with you in charge of your team, you quickly form a bond and set out together. The landscape seems to float by as your team leads you through the forests, up small hills and across vast snowy landscapes. Everything is a distraction; this is total freedom. Then there are those nighttime adventures with your team of huskies where the darkness brings new challenges and a greater appreciation for these incredible animals as they race you through the landscape under the Aurora up above. This is one of the most magical moments in Lapland.



Go beyond the norm

Incredible Snowmobiles

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  • Arrive Helsinki and make your way to the hotel and gather at 4pm for a meet and greet your fellow passengers before we head out for a short stroll into the surrounding environment and to the harbour. we will sample some local produce before making our way back to the hotel . The early evening sees us head to one of Helsinkis famous restaurants for a feats of Finland and a toast to our great adventure.