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Travel opens our eyes to the beauty of the world. It takes us beyond our thoughts and into the unknown. We call it the spiritual journey and connect with land, sea and sky. We find ourselves in enchanting places that often leave us feeling completely amazed. We open our senses and absorb what lies before us. It is a beautiful feeling as we connect to a place, a people and allow our soul to rest in harmony under a different sky. Our new experiences take you to places you have only dreamed of seeing, from the far north and the Arctic Circle to the end of Europe, Iceland. Together we make a journey into different worlds, we pause and embrace what unfolds, and we become a part of a moment we will cherish forever. We encounter the changing of the seasons, the shifting of the light from endless summer to polar winters. We discover the local people of these places who call them home, and through their eyes, they tell us the stories of the area, the land and its wildlife. If you want to be a part of something special, then come and join us and go beyond. What awaits is absolutely remarkable.

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Winter - The Slumber Season 

Winter brings a different feeling to the landscape. The final burst of Autumn has gone and the land lies silent and cloaked in colours of winter grey and, brown, white and silver grey. The ocean is a colder blue and the nights are darker, yet winter is also a time for a big reveal. Snow-capped mountains, ice frozen lakes and star-studded skies invite us to discover  another world


Spring - The Awakening Season

Spring brings the hope that winter has passed and the cold northerly winds have retreated to replace the nurturing southerly breeze. This is a time for the return of the seabirds; the light changes, the days lengthen and out on the sea cliffs, old relationships are once more solidified at the edge of the world. Spring is a great time to travel and experience the changing landscape


Summer -  ​The Flow Season

 Summer comes to the energy and vibrancy of colour as the land is transformed with endless flowers of every shade.The clamour on the cliffs and on every crevice as the nesting seabirds rear their young. The days are long and the sun never seems to set. The evenings are beautiful and sunsets transform the horizon with delicate shades of gold, orange, pink and purple. It is a time to rejoice and celebrate and a time to experience nature in full flow.

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The Seasons We Travel

Finnish Lapland 2023 -2024

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Dates 2024

January 2023 - 5th to 12th January | 19th to 26th January

February 2023 - 9th to 16th February (Valentine's day  in Lapland)

Please note spaces are limited to 6 people per trip so booking in advance is important.

First Feelings Lapland

If you have never travelled to Lapland, it is hard to imagine what it feels like to step into the Arctic Circle. Our minds visualise how it will be, but once you get there, it is even more special than you could have imagined. Lapland is a world way beyond our everyday lives and one where we encounter a pristine environment, priceless nature and of course, the amazing Northern lights.

That first morning you wake and look outside at a snow-covered landscape you are so eager to get going and to experience what this incredible place has to offer. There is excitement and expectancy that this is the place where magical things do happen. The snow glistens so brightly even in the behalf light, your breath turns silver-white in the cold air; there is a warm tingle on your face as you walk. You smile and are so happy inside as you cannot quite believe you have finally made it to this enchanting world.

As you make your way to breakfast, you hear the sound of the crunch of the snow under your feet. The horizon has a soft pinkish glow as the sun slowly rises. You pause and listen; there is pure silence all around. Your heart beats a little faster as you think of meeting the reindeer, the huskies and hearing the fantastic stories of the Sami people. You long to see the northern lights, for it has always been a dream, and now that you are here in Lapland, that dream is a little closer. Maybe tonight will be the night that those dreams finally come true.

What's Included

  • 7 nights accommodation -(1 night Helsinki, 5 Nights Lapland, 1 night Helsinki 

  • 8 breakfasts, 4 lunches, 4 Dinners

  • Daily Activities and fully guided experiences

  • Northern Light Adventures

  • Driver guide and waterproof clothing for all adventures.

  • Airport pick up and drop off Service

Not Included

  • International Airfare to Helsinki

  • Internal flights to Lapland

  • Travel Insurance

Cultural Connections

The Peoples Story

We are proud to be able to offer this unique experience into Finnish Lapland and to discover the world of the Sami people.  Find below an extract from the film we were a part of called Power of the Yoik


The Untouched Worlds

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