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Mini Break Hebrides

North Uist , Benbecula, South Uist and Eriskay

The Outer Hebrides are unlike any other group of islands in Scotland. They are captivating from end to end, with vast skies, endless sandy beaches, emerald seas, and a deep sense of tranquillity. These islands are the last stronghold of the ancient Gaelic language, still spoken today. From the Butt of Lewis in the north to the Butt of Barra in the south, you can immerse yourself in this beautiful language and learn a few words along the way. With 13 inhabited islands and over 100 uninhabited islands dotted around the coastline, there is always somewhere new to discover. The population of the entire Hebrides is just over 26,000 people. During the summer months, particularly from July to September, these islands attract many visitors, yet they are seldom crowded due to the vast landscape.

So if you are looking for a short break then why not book your next mini adventure and discover a different Scotland..

Far Flung Hebrides

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Mini Hebrides

4 nights accommodation |5 Breakfasts | Picnic lunches | 3 Dinners | Fully Guided | Airport Pick up and drop off in the Hebrides. 

Cost Per person £1875 (Minimum 2 persons)

Single supplement £275

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4 nights accommodation |4Breakfasts  3 Dinners | Fully Guided | Island Airport Pick up and drop off

Cost Per person £1875  (Single supplement £250)

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April 2025

25th to 29th

4 nights accommodation |4Breakfasts  3 Dinners | Fully Guided | Island Airport Pick up and drop off

Cost Per person £1875  (Single supplement £250)

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May/June 25

30th to 3rd June

4 nights accommodation |4Breakfasts  3 Dinners | Fully Guided | Island Airport Pick up and drop off

Cost Per person £1875  (Single supplement £250)

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Jun/July 25

27th to 1st Jul

4 nights accommodation |4Breakfasts  3 Dinners | Fully Guided | Island Airport Pick up and drop off

Cost Per person £1875  (Single supplement £250)

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August 25

1st to 5th

Feel the difference

The Tour Dates

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A Place for thoughts

The Outer Hebrides is a place where you can truly release your inner tensions and feel them dissolve as you step into this natural paradise. You can wander freely through the landscape, moving from place to place and let the spirit of the land be your guide. Feel the harmony of your surroundings as the colors of the ocean blend into inviting hues. Feel the rhythm of the land and let it be the melody of your journey. A mini Hebrides break could be the perfect remedy to escape the stresses of life.

Feel the Difference

Summer is the opportunity to experience the endless summer light and those tranquil evenings where the transforming shades of nature transform these wonderful Isles. With our tour, you will be able to explore the breathtaking landscapes, rich history, and unique culture of the Hebrides while soothing your soul in 18 hours of daylight.

The islanders live on double time in the summer and with these glorious late evenings of light they can be seen about their crofts, out in their fishing boats or tending their flocks of sheep or herds of cattle. They live for the light and work till the day is done. Time stands still here and is still based on what they once called "Gods Time" that when the sun sets their day is done and they have earned their nights repose.

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Shell Sand beaches

The powder sand beaches of the Hebrides are a truly unforgettable experience. Soft, shell sand beaches stretch as far as the eye can see, blending seamlessly with the tranquil turquoise ocean, gentle wavelets lapping the shore. Feel the sand between your toes and the sun on your skin as you leave your footprints in the sand, and enjoy big skies and endless horizons. With its tranquillity and soulful atmosphere, these powder sand beaches offer an unforgettable experience.

There is an old saying here in the Outer Hebrides that  "walk barefoot on our shell sand beaches and those grains of sand will travel with you forever and reappear in moments and places you never imagined"

The Tour

The Tour

  • The moment you touch down in the Outer Hebrides you know you have arrived somewhere special. The flight in takes you over what has been described as " a drowned landscape" where it appears there is more water than land. We make our way over man-made causeways that seem to float on the turquoise ocean as we make our way to our accommodation for check-in. After you have got refreshed we take a wander into the moorlands to visit an ancient stone circle before heading to an impressive Neolithic burial chamber that dates back to 3500 BC. We take in the views and the pure air as we welcome you to the Outer Hebrides. We make our way back to our accommodation where you can dine on wonderful Hebridean produce.

  • We head today to the beautiful islands of Benbecula, South Uist and Eriskay or as the locals say "up south". Today we look for wildlife, visit local craft places, and ancient archaeology and follow in the footsteps of Bonnie Prince Charlie who landed here in 1745. There are plenty of stories to be told today and some of the most breathtaking views over the barra sound and along the beautiful west coast. We will walk incredible beaches and explore down the small roads to hidden gems of nature.

  • Today we explore the small island of Grimsby famous for its boat building and fishing and weather permitting we will take a short boat trip out in search of sea eagles and other wildlife around the coastline and sheltered bays. After a light lunch we head back north to explore more places and get close to incredible Highland cows before we walk out onto the stunning Nature Reserve

  • This is the day we head out across the beautiful Machair to one of the most important Archaeological digs and learn about its incredible history before we take a picnic lunch on one of the stunning beaches that surround this area. We then head to the beautiful Island of Berneray that was once a favourite haunt of Prince Charles to holiday. We search for seals and other wildlife before heading to the famous West beach and a chance to step into the azure ocean. This is a truly beautiful place to end your Mini Hebrides break.

  • After a relaxed breakfast, with time to spare before heading to the airport, we have a short trip to another beautiful moorland spot before we bid farewell to the Hebrides.  As you leave these islands we wish you safe passage and look forward to your return in the near future.

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