We Listen to our Customers

As a business, we listen to you to ensure we fully understand the type of trip you desire. We understand and tailor all our adventures to exactly what you want your trip to be. Then we make it happen.


We continually travel and evaluate all our experiences and value your feedback on how we can continually improve. Through this approach, we are able to continually evolve our adventures in an ever-changing world. 


Travel leads us to incredible places and enriches our lives with never-ending memories. As a company, we realise that through responsible travel we are preserving for the future generations. It is up to us all to protect, restore and embrace the planet.

Responsible Travel

Local Ambassadors

In every destination, we travel you will meet people who are true ambassadors for their home and the environment they live in. Through their passion for a place, we gain a deep insight into a culture and a sense of place and belonging. We put value in local people.

Behind the Action

Developing our brand and being true to our vision takes incredible people. At igot2travel, we are fortunate to work with some of the best. Together we are a brand, but individually, we are all creative, positive, and deeply passionate about travel.

We care about our travellers and the communities we visit. Our small team have worked miracles throughout the Covid 19 Pandemic, and their wisdom and teamwork enabled igot2travel to step into 2022 and beyond with renewed vision, hope and a bright future. We continually strive to deliver unique adventures that allow you to experience the beauty, tranquillity and magic of all the places we travel. Our form of gentle travel truly is a Journey for the soul. 

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Iceland & Greenland Destination Development

Hildur Ágústsdóttir has more than 18 years of working as an Icelandic guide and delivering her unique perspective of Iceland for various American travel companies such as Grand Circle and Vantage Delux World Travel; Hildur is aware of what it is that travellers to Iceland seek to experience. Over the years, she has assisted in developing unique outdoor adventure programs all around Iceland. Her passion is the great outdoors, from hiking into remote areas, visiting offshore islands and, of course, the beautiful Icelandic Horse.

Travelling through Iceland with Hildur, you will feel her passion for her homeland. She is excited to be showing you this incredible landscape and slowly revealing the layers of the landscape that make it so unique. Through her storytelling, Iceland becomes familiar before your very eyes.

 In joining the team, at igot2travel, she brings to our company a deep understanding of everything in Iceland, from its nature, culture, economy and environment. She is heavily involved in developing bespoke adventures across the country and loves nothing more than being out in the open environment and discovering nature.

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Our Story

Our mission is clear; To lead by example through sustainable journeys that positively impact the planet and travellers while supporting fragile communities by working with locally owned businesses in each destination we adventure. As a business developed and based in a remote rural community in the Outer Hebrides we fully understand the value of sustainability and community engagement and our model for travel ensures a minimum impact but maximum benefit to these areas. Through our adventures, we aim to make the world a better place one trip at a time and raise awareness through our hand-crafted tours that highlight the value of these communities and their importance in an ever-changing world.

International Logistics Product Development

Diane MacLennan has over forty years of experience working in the Travel, Cruise and Events Industries. She started her career in South Africa with spells in Greece and Israel before moving to London in the early 1980s.

Amongst the highlights of her vast experience are the creation and management of tours to the Oberammergau festival, incentive tours taking in Concorde and cruises on the QE2, the development, management and operation of more intimate small ships cruises around northern European, the UK and Irish ports, as well as coach and walking tours within Scandinavia, Iceland, the UK and Ireland.

As well as a passion for travelling and the travel industry, Diane brings a wealth of operational experience, which allows us at Igot2travel to take you to destinations others won't imagine, to experience sights and events like the locals, and to take with you experiences never to be forgotten.


At the helm of igot2travel is James Macletchie. With over thirty-five years of experience in the travel industry, he brings a great wealth of knowledge to igot2travel. Educated in Scotland and the USA and a former Countryside Ranger he has a unique set of skills that enable him to continually identify and work with the team at igot2travel  to find exciting new adventure opportunities and places to travel. As one of the first ten Eco Travel Ambassadors in the world with the International Eco Tourism Society in 2009, the first face of Green Tv and a Tourism Trainer he has a deep understanding of conservation and the need to protect the fragile places we visit in travel. As a fluent Gaelic speaker he has presented programs from Lapland to the Falkland Islands and in 2021 co-wrote and presented the program "Sgeulachd a Ghille/the Ghillies Story" with film-maker Elly Welsh for BBC Alba. He has just completed a new phase of 5-minute documentaries for igot2travel that will further enable the traveller to become familiar with the people that can be met on igot2travel adventures.

As a semi-professional photographer and video creator, he brings new dimensions to each place we travel and through his links with Love Gaelic he has created Gaelic Immersion experiences for young students of the language. As he says himself, "We can all hold the stars if we are just shown how"


Our Story

Igot2travel is a small business built on dreams of travel, freedom and serenity. It has been developed through many years of exploring the planet and some of the most precious places beyond the Hebridean shores.

This small travel companys soul lies deep in the heart of the Outer Hebrides and one man's total love for this remote archipelago. Through being fostered on these islands at the age of six, James Macletchie suddenly found himself in the perfect paradise of big skies, turquoise oceans and endless freedom. He became immersed in the island life, Gaelic language and nature and from these moments and treasured childhood memories, igot2travel was born.

To journey with igot2travel leads you through cherished landscapes and to places that have captivated the imagination and soothed the soul. Travel with us and you will experience a tranquil way of travel with deeply passionate local guides. In an ever-changing world, the need to reconnect with nature is greater than ever before at igot2travel we will show you how.


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