North Uist Fishing

Sea Pool Fishing

North Uist is famous for its incredible sea pools where seatrout and salmon are found in summer and autumn. This is a unique experience for the fly fisher and something to savour out on vast open beaches next to the Atlantic. These tidal jewels change with every tide, they flow for miles and are set in the most breathtaking of scenery. Sea pool fishing is something truly unique and North Uist boasts over twenty recognised pools to fish for salmon and sea trout. Some sea pools lie miles out on the vast beaches while others run close to the edge of the land. Each sea pool is different and never fishes the same on different tides. Planning your fishing trip to North Uist should also include looking at the tidal charts for the area to ensure that you are able to fish the sea pools fish during your stay. In times of a lack of water and the lochs do not fish the sea pools come into their own.


Chose Your Fishing

We are able to provide daily fishing guides or weekly guides from May to October but peak season is pretty busy and guides are scarce owing to demand.

The weekly rate for a fishing guide is £900 for two rods or £1500 for four rods.

This does not include the daily permits which must be obtained locally through the North Uist Estate or the Lochmaddy Hotel.

To guarantee better fishing on prime beats it is best to book into the Lochmaddy Hotel where the daily fishing roster is prepared or Langass Lodge which is a smaller boutique hotel with fishing places on the daily roster.

For further details about our fishing adventures please email us below 

Loch Fishing

The vast moorlands of North Uist are interspersed with peat bogs, moorland, hills, lochs and lochans and with over a thousand to choose from your fishing journey could last a lifetime. The North Uist sea trout and salmon lochs vary in size, some are small and easily either rowable or fished from the bank, while others vanish into the vast landscape as far as the eyes can see. North Uist loch fishing for sea trout and salmon can be fantastic but like many fisheries, the lochs are dependent on enough rainfall to enable sea trout and salmon to migrate. However, there are exceptions to this and North Uist has several brackish lochs, which are tidal and flood at high tide, enabling fish to move freely into the lochs. The variety of lochs to fish is endless, some are what we call Machair lochs and are on the west coast and famous for their large brown trout while the moorland lochs fill the interior of the land. Viewing North Uist from the summit of a high hill, it is like a drowned landscape and hard to fathom that people can live there with so much water.

Boat Fishing

Part of the joy of fishing in North Uist is the number of freshwater lochs, which number over a thousand. Of these, a good number is used for fishing seatrout and Salmon. Some of these lochs are pretty huge and can take over an hour to reach the top. On these lochs, the services of a local Ghillie are always advised, and to make your booking, don't hesitate to get in touch with Lochmaddy Hotel.

Sea pool Fishing

Sea pool fishing is unique to North Uist and gives the fisher a great opportunity to experience fishing in the tidal sea pools on some of the most beautiful beaches in Scotland for sea trout and salmon.

Salmon Fishing

The salmon lochs of North Uist are mainly found on the east coast and salmon usually begin to appear from the end of May onwards although in recent years fish have been hooked early May onwards. Fish average from 5Ibs upwards to 15 IB plus in any given season.

Loch Bank Fishing

With an endless choice for bank fishing for Brown Trout, Sea Trout, and Salmon, North Uist is every angler's dream. With easy access to many lochs and some remoter ones, the variety of choices is endless. Day permits are available through Loch Maddy Hotel.


Our Fishing Rates 2023

Please find below our rates for the 2023 fishing season and for Ghillie guiding services. Please note that this does not include any accommodation or fishing permits issued by Lochmaddy Hotel or North Uist Estate. These need to be arranged on your arrival and we can advise the best way to do this.

Weekly Rate

6 Days Fishing Guide


For those fishermen and women, our weekly rate is for a ghillie for two rods and covers loch fishing, sea pools and brackish waters. It does not include accommodation or permits from North Uist estate or Lochmaddy Hotel.

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Basic Day Rate

£ 150

This is the cost for one or two rods and is a cash payment on the day. This includes fully guided fishing with a local ghillie for either, Brown trout, Salom or sea trout.

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Day Rate


Additional Rods


If there are more than 2 rods there is an additional charge of £50 per rod with a maximum group size of 4 rods.

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Additional Rods



26th -30th

Sea trout & Brown Trout -2 rod spaces

This is the time when seatrout begins to gather in the pools and the days are longer so is a great time to experience some of our remote sea pools and lochs. For additional rods please see the above rates.



3rd to 8th

Sea Trout, Salmon and Brown trout-2 rod spaces

Another great time to experience fresh run fish in the sea pools and some of our brackish waters. Loch fishing for brown trout at this time of year can be truly wonderful. For additional rods please see the above rates.



31st July to 5th Aug

Sea Trout, Salmon and Brown trout-2 rod spaces

At the start of August, things are beginning to get exciting as fish are waiting for the rain to allow them to get into the lochs and the sea pools are amazing places to experience wonderful sea trout fishing. For additional rods please see the above rates.



4th to 9th

Sea Trout, Salmon and Brown trout-2 rod spaces

At the start of September, we begin to shift towards loch fishing but still head to the sea pools for sea trout if the tides are favourable. A great opportunity to do loch fishing from a bot with an experienced ghillie. For additional rods please see the above rates.



9th to 14th

Sea Trout, Salmon and Brown trout-2 rod spaces

October sees fresh runs of fish into the lochs and there is plenty of water to choose from to fish. The sea pools still have fresh fish running into them and October is a wonderful time to experience loch fishing on some of our larger lochs. For additional rods please see the above rates.

Available Ghillie Dates 2023


A Personal Note

Fishing the numerous North Uist waters has been a delight and a privilege for the last fifty years. From those idyllic early childhood days when a young boy learned his craft to the present, where the years of exploring and fishing these waters have brought a gentler calm and true appreciation of the wonder and beauty of these fishing waters. The choice seems endless, with numerous moorland lochs, machair lochs and tidal sea pools. As a fishing guide, there is nothing more rewarding than taking someone out into the vast open landscape and onto Hebridean waters searching for sea trout, salmon or brown trout.

Dipping the oars into the water as we slowly pull away into an incredible arena of nature, friendly chatter and watching the flies slowly skim the surface. These moments of anticipation and excitement as the water erupts as a fish takes the fly, the reel begins to scream, and the rod bends, and we are into a fish. A beautiful fresh sea trout breaks the surface high into the air before splashing back into the water and heading off on a long, strong run.

Throughout the years, I have been thrilled to have been a part of many flyfishers' magical days. Still, after all the years as a seasonal fishing guide, I am just as enthusiastic as I was for North Uist Fishing. Why not come and join me and discover for yourself why the fishing waters here are some of the best in Scotland? I hope to see you soon

James Macletchie

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Lochmaddy Hotel 

Lochmaddy Hotel

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The fishing on North Uist is owned by North Uist Estate but administered through the Lochmaddy Hotel. Lochmaddy Hotel was established in 1863 and is the oldest hotel in North Uist. Recently the hotel has undergone refurbishment. You will find the owners, John and Lorna - who currently have 13 years of experience running Lochmaddy Hotel - on duty most days. John looks after all the fishing guests, giving them plenty of advice and often providing a ghillie service. Lorna is at reception most mornings and is often a great source of local information. 

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