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Hebdea Harvest

Beautiful Landscape - The Outer Hebrides

A photographers dream

The Seasons

bring us everchanging light. Moments where the land is forever changing through the subtleness of light, wind, cloud and rain. Each season brings its own unique feel to the landscape and to wander through it and witness these moments is truly something special.

Sromy Sea Lewis

Winter Storms

Stormy seas bring the photographer closer to the heart of nature. It is on these days that one becomes aware of the full power of the ocean driven by the swells and the high winds. The thunderous roar of the waves crashing against ancient metamorphic rock is deafening. Spindrift blows inland in a thin grey mist covering the land with its cold dampness. Winter is here in full force.

Churning Seas

The rolling waves are mesmerising as they continually make their way to the shore. Gliding along their crest the gulls seem to be at play. True surfers of the storms content in their world and taking this moment to enjoy their day. Watching the waves I lose all track of time as I am absorbed by the raw beauty of  nature that is before my eyes

Ile f Har

Azure Oceans

The merging of the colours of the ocean adds a different dimension to this landscape. It draws us in, and we become at one with it all. The heart beats ever so gently as the horizon beckons us to another island.

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