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Discover Two Different Worlds

Iceland & The Outer Hebrides

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One of our successful two-destination adventures and suitable for those travellers coming from the USA heading to Europe or for European travellers seeking to explore a part of Scotland and to the end of Europe in Iceland.

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"May the stars come out to greet you As you lie your head to rest
May the moonlight smile upon you
And your dreams be ever blessed"

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Travel  can evoke a sense of stars twinkling in the night sky, the peace and tranquility of the open road,and the harmony of relaxing in nature. Through these journeys, we can connect to a different world from the one we know and  the elation of waking up in a new place and under a new horizon . Whether it's a short trip or a long adventure, a brief moment can awaken a true sense of fulfilment and through travel the world truly is your oyster. Let our travel combinations be the inspiration you need to transport  you to new places where new fun filled adventures await and on those journeys meet new like minded travellers to share the experiences with.

Travel with us and find your inner harmony

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Iceland & Lapland

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7 nights| 7 breakfasts | 7 dinners |Fully guided |Airport pick up and drop off |  included entries + Boat trips |Private vehicle

Dates 2024 |Message us for combined dates or tailor it to suit


Begin your journey in the land of Ice and fire. A place where the views never fail to mesmerize. Iceland is a true adventurers' paradise overflowing with epic landscapes, adventure and an abundance of nature. Iceland is truly a wow destination. The ever-changing landscape continually draws the eye, and with recent volcanic activity, one never knows when the next great eruption will be. But in Iceland, it is something to witness. The black sand beaches defy logic, and the endless glaciers rise above the land and vanish into the clouds away in the distance. Your journey will take you deep into the landscape, close to icebergs, and glacial lagoons and marvel at the ice on the diamond beach. This is part one of our incredible combination adventure.

The Outer Hebrides

5 nights|6 breakfasts |4 lunches |4 dinners |Fully guided |Airport pick up and drop off | Inter-island travel and included entries |Private vehicle

The sheer contrast of the Outer Hebrides compared to Iceland is dramatic. The low lying southern islands are laced with white powder sands along the west coast while moving further to the north the high hills, vast moorlands lead you into a timeless landscape of peat and bog. Small townships whit few people lie across 13 islands, archaeology is everywhere giving evidence to 8000 years of occupation. With over 100 islands, millions of seabirds, small weaving sheds producing the famous harris tweed, millions of summer flowers on the unique Machair habitat makes this a journey to remember. Closer to Iceland than London makes it the perfect stop over.

Ultimate Winter Combinations

Northern Lights Specials

Winter Adventures 2022/23

5 nights Iceland, 7 Nights Lapland

This is one of our best sellers and in particular with those coming from the USA and seeking to experience two amazing destinations that are truly spectacular. Stopover in Iceland for 7 nights on the way over or on the way back. Make the most of your travel time. For those people seeking the Northern lights, we take you to two of the best destinations for the Northern lights in one trip.

Iceland in Winter

Iceland in the winter takes on a different feeling. The crisp air, the flurry of snow, the deep contrast of the black sand beaches set against the jagged edges of the frost are visually spectacular. Those clear nights bring out the billions of stars and when the Aurora begins to dance there is a magical feeling in the air. Nothing can prepare you for that first sighting of other northern lights, it's a personal feeling and one that can be deeply moving. So often there are tears of joy and sheer amazement at the moment.

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Finnish Lapland 

For those seeking the ultimate experience of chasing the northern lights, there is nowhere quite like Lapland. The silence, the beauty, the purity of the environment and the amazing aurora displays make Finnish Lapland a must-visit destination. Then add in incredible accommodation, local produce, the amazing Sami people, Reindeer and energetic huskies and the adventure just got even better. But Lapland has even more treasure to discover and on this segment of our adventure we discover 

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